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5 Reasons Kim Kardashian Will Divorce Kanye West

Kim and Kanye Kanye was miserable and brooding, an insider said of the couples vacation to Jose Francis estate in Punta Mita, Mexico, in June. He really isnt a lounge-by-the-pool kind of guy. Hes Too Controlling With momager Kris Jenner already plotting her every move, Kardashian reportedly feels trapped under the watchful eye of her controlling mate. According to a report from Radar Online, West, 37, is so keen on keeping up with Kardashians every move he even installed a tracking device in her personal cell phone. Kanye has installed a GPS tracking device on her cell phone so he knows where she is at all times, a source said. He is constantly calling her and she is required to check in with him wherever she is at. She does not have control over her own life anymore and has become extremely frustrated. They Are Selling Their Dream Home After dropping $11 million on their dream home , the couple are now rumored to be selling their newly renovated Bel Air mansion. Despite never moving into the lavish, customized abode, reports indicate that the duo are putting the property on the market to sell for a profit. Were told Kim and Kanye enjoyed the renovation process so much theyve deiced to make it a side business, TMZ reported. Their plan is to renovate several houses/estate a year. While the couple is reportedly looking to sell their home in hopes of engaging in a new business venture, it is interesting to note that Kardashian has recently been spotted house-hunting , sans West, on the East Coast.
Full story: http://www.ibtimes.com/5-reasons-kim-kardashian-will-divorce-kanye-west-1641330

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